L is a proprietary platform built to power publishers, blogs, magazines and businesses. Our custom technology and CMS will transform the way you work.

L Media does more than build pretty websites, we provide you with the tools and technology you need to succeed.

L Media is a custom platform built specifically for publishers and businesses looking to get more out of their website than pretty design. L Media was birthed out of nearly a decade of experience running local magazines and blogs, hundreds of custom website builds, and over a decade of software engineering expertise.

Today, we are setting the standard in the digital world, creating products that enhance publishers and businesses day-to-day workflow and online presence. Every product we offer is compatible with each other to ensure maximum growth and profitability for your business. We aim to organize all of the work you do online into a single system that is simple and architecturally sound.

We know pretty websites are easy to come by these days, but it's technology that helps you sell, connect, make more bookings, manage your contracts, control your inbox and be more efficient. This is where our platform can help you stand-out significantly from the competition.

At L Media our goal is always to partner with you and help you build a website exactly for your needs and your market. We work with you to create each page of your website so it is optimized for the best results and the best user experience.